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The program will explore various fishing opportunities throughout the United States from Florida to Alaska.  Gerry will interview representatives of tackle manufacturers for information on the latest and greatest in tackle technology.  He will also interview fishing guides from both saltwater and freshwater venues.  Whether you are looking for information about saltwater fishing for dorado, tuna, kingfish, halibut, and yellowtail or freshwater fishing for trout, bass, walleye, pike, or catfish, Gerry's guests will give you the information you need.


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Gerry Graf has been a fisherman all his life.  When he lived in New York, fishing included stream fishing for trout, lake fishing for bass, ice fishing in winter, and ocean fishing for cod and bluefish among others.  In California, Gerry is an avid fisherman, both saltwater and freshwater.  Southern California lakes are stocked with trout, steelhead, and catfish.  Saltwater fishing is available all year round for bottom fish, yellowtail, white sea bass, tuna, and many other species.    Gerry belongs to the Oceanside (California) Senior Anglers, The Rancho Bernardo Anglers, the Senior Anglers of Escondido, and the Escondido Fish and Game Club.   He also has an online fishing tackle store at as well as an eBay store, Gerryâ��s Discount Tackle.


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Limit Out Sportsfishing

Host: Gerald Graf



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04/15 : 04/15/13 - Limit Out Sportfishing


Today's Guests are Don Kay of Reel Fix, a fishing reel repair service and rod
building business, and Hugh Cobb of Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle in
Oceanside, one of the more foremost tackle stores in the county.
Both are experienced salt water fishermen.

Hugh Cobb is from Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle

Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle

Don Kay is from Reel Fix

04/01 : 04/01/13 - Limit Out Sportfishing




Marianne Huskey


03/18 : 03/18/13 - Limit Out Sportfishing




Fred Hall - Fishing Tackle, Boat & Travel Shows






03/04 : 03/14/13 - Bass Fishing Tips and a Sportsfishing Report From Alaska



Ketchikan Fishing

02/18 : 02/18/13 Tips for The Walleye Pro and Sportsfishing in San Diego and Mexico


1st Half Hour - Dr. Tom Johnson, "The Walley Pro", Pro Staff Director Matzuo America and CEO of Dancingloons Product Promotions discussing 4 topics:

- The new Kinchou baits from Matzuo  
CRR (Catch-Record-Release) system  
Fishing Seminars 
- Walleye Pro/Am tournaments 

2nd Half Hour  - Ernie Prieto, owner and captain of the Chubasco II, a sportfishing boat out of Mission Bay in San Diego.  Ernie and his crew run both half day and three quarter day trips in local as well as Mexican waters.


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