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A starting point to the next stage of our life requires taking a risk, staying healthy, exercising, eating right and staying connected in the community, yes, volunteering. It is essential to reach out to the younger generations, community organizations, non-profit and/or for-profit programs, sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have acquired over the years. However, for some of us reaching retirement is another issue entirely. How many Americans will actually retire without some type of disability that forced us out of the work force? After a life changing disability it is difficult to ever think of planning for retirement. In fact, entire savings, investments and families have been exhausted just living day to day with a disability. For some Americans, retirement is a distant dream.

For many of us, our career was our life. Retirement may feel like a vacation at first and perhaps after awhile you may feel disconnected. Our goal is to get you connected. We are looking for your thoughts, ideas and experiences that make America great and especially what makes San Diego great! Please email us at


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Out host and producer Lia Michelle has advocated for older/disabled adults for over 20 years and continues to stay passionate continually finding new ways to reach out to the community.


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Lifestyle Solutions for Aging Americans

Host: Lia Michelle



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however, the day to day routine of a firefighter extends beyond fire fighting; in fact, the majority of emergencies calls are not related to fire fighting. All firefighters must have advanced medical training because all too often, firefighters are the first emergency personnel to arrive at the scene.;
As of January 1, 2011, Carbon Dioxide detectors are required in every single family home. Carbon Dioxide is extremely dangerous because it is a heavy colorless, odorless gas; seniors are at an increase risk. Installing systems such as smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers, as well as identifying potential hazards, can reduce the risk of home fires and property loss, injury, or death due to fire. Nearly two-thirds of home structure fire deaths occur in homes where there was no smoke alarm or

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