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Jeanius Marketing is a new media marketing business. They specialize in using text,
video, voice, email and the internet to help business build and grow their lists of prospects,
customers and fans!


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Jean Scally is the force behind the Jeanius, and has a list of successful
marketing campaigns that capitalize on curiosity and make big differences to main street


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Pure Jeanius

Host: Jean Scally



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07/23 : 07/23/12 - Raving Fans


Raving fans, much like the sports nuts who go shirtless in the winter and Paint their bodies in their team's colors, LOVE your business. They're often First-in-line to buy your products or services (even waiting outside, Overnight if you let them!), they'll brag about how great you are online, Convert their friends and family members into fans, and interact with the World on your behalf. Listen in on this segment as we tell you more about Who they are and why you should care about them!

In this segment, Jean and Rick talk about how you find and create raving Fans. Raving fans are one of your biggest assets as they can motivate an Entire legion on your behalf. It can be like having an entire sales force - FREE! Let's face it, we live in a reputation economy. And with the internet, People can find your reputation much faster. if you had a legion of raving Fans, helping you build that online reputation, your business would benefit. We'll share some easy ideas to

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