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American Underdog Radio is an entertaining and insightful show about one of America's hottest topics, entrepreneurship. There has never been a more exciting time to consider being an entrepreneur than right now! If you have ever dreamed of pursuing your own passion and being your own boss, you will love listening to Chris talk with today's American Underdogs as well as knowledgeable experts about the secrets to success!


About The Host:

Chris Steele is a long time entrepreneur. He has owned and operated numerous businesses over the years. Chris has a passion for encouraging others to consider entrepreneurship. It was this passion that led to the creation of American Underdog Radio.

American Underdog Radio is not a "business" show. American Underdog Radio is a show about enjoying life. As best-selling author Harvey MacKay put it, "find something you love to do so you'll never have to work another day of your life!" If you've ever imagined waking up every day energized because you are pursuing your own dream, you will love American Underdog Radio.

Tune in every week to hear entertaining, lively, inspirational discussions with today's Underdogs. Learn how they overcame the obstacles to achieve success. You'll also hear from knowledgeable experts with tips and insights to help you succeed!


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American Underdog Radio

Host: Chris Steele



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