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If you are a coach, or a leader, you need coaching skills. Our show is designed to provide support in growing and improving your business, whether you an area coach, entrepreneur, manager, consultant, or owner. Find out here, where the leaders in the fields of coaching come to share their wealth of information and experience. Stay Current!


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Christopher McAuliffe holds the Master Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. A professional coach since 1996, Christopher has produced unprecedented breakthrough results with a wide spectrum of clients across the country. Christopher has a passionate commitment to the development of coaching as an honorable and honored profession. As a two-term past President of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, Christopher has demonstrated a commitment to the development of Coaching as an ethical, strong profession, both self-regulating and offering consumer protection, credentialing and continuing education. The host of the popular web radio show, "The Coaching Show," on since 2002, Christopher has had the pleasure of speaking with many of the thought leaders and key players of coaching. Christopher lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and two children.


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The Coaching Show

Host: Christopher McAuliffe



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04/16 : 04/16/14 Spiritual & Strengths-Based Coaching with Inspired Learning - Peter J. Reding; The Myth of Happiness - Sonja Lyubomirsky


04/09 : 04/09/14 Coaching Creative Geniuses - Madeleine Blanchard; Developing Pathways to Peace - Brenda Rosenberg


04/02 : 04/02/14 Neuroplasticity and Building a Better Brain - Dr. Rick Hanson; Learning to not be a BOSS is at the Heart of Coaching - Thomas Crane


03/26 : 03/26/14 Personal Mastery: The Path to Transformative Leadership, Federazione Italiana Coach - Giovanna D'Alessio; Neuro-Linguistic Coaching - Carol Goldsmith


Giovanna D'Alessio is the founder and C.E.O. of Asterys s.r.l., an organizational development firm with more than 80 associates in 18 countries.

Neuro-Linguistic Coaching with Carol Goldsmith, President of ICF Metro DC

03/19 : 03/19/14 Beyond Success - Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, and Team-Building - Brian Biro; The Challenge of Applying Leadership as a Coach to Your Business - Wendy Balman


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