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The CEO Hour is a revolutionary radio show designed by and for the Upstate New York business community. It is quickly gaining a national audience for CEO's from Fortune 500 companies to start ups.


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Before founding CABHQ, Bruce Peters enjoyed a 30-year diverse career as a lawyer, executive, entrepreneur and educator. Journalist Diana Palotas enjoyed a long career as a tv news anchor and reporter. Now a radio personality, she is also the community relations coordinator at the district attorney's office.


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The CEO Hour

Host: Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas



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01/25 : 01/25/13 - The CEO Hour


John Leonetti/Author, Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
John Leonetti is a known thought leader in the Exit Strategy Planning Field. He founded Pinnacle Equity Solutions and its team of advisors to help business leaders make the transition easily from owner to seller and beyond. He discusses the importance of making sure you are ready, your company is ready and the market is ready for the sale of your business and the start of the next chapter of your life. Leonetti successfully sold his business and shares the stories of those he has worked with on exit strategy.

Diana Palotas
The media wants to interview you about your company. Don't freak out. Media exposure whether tv, radio or print is a great way to put a face on your business. With 25 years of experience in television and radio journalism, Diana shares some great tips to make sure you and your company are prepared for a great interview.

01/25 : 01/25/13 - The CEO Hour


Chuck Richards/Core Value Software, Founder
He has started four businesses, turned around 2 and hit the INC 500. Chuck Richards has spent the last 30 years doing some incredible research on business succession and its effect on the local economy. He created Core Value Software which is a computer program that can calculate the true value of your company and what can drive your company to mean even more. Advisors across the country are trained in this software. Find out what drives the value of your company in this segment with Diana and Chuck.

Mark Rossney/Founder, Operation Patriot
Bill Finegan/Founder, First Responders Institute

People from all over the country are coming together to raise funds for the 2 volunteer firefighters killed and the 2 others wounded by a gunman in Rochester NY on Christmas Eve. Operation Patriot's Mark Rossney told us how the Walk for West Webster Firefighters on January 4 raised $4000. Bill Finegan's Honoring Heroes presented the four firemen with a complimentary award he created to honor the service and heroism of first responders. If you'd like to give or create a fundraiser.

01/18 : 01/18/13 - The CEO Hour


Bill Costello/Financial Architects of Upstate NY
If you are age 50 and over, and own your own business, ask yourself this." What does this business mean to me and my family?" Do you want it to continue when you retire or die? Planning your exit strategy or succession plan will make things easier for your family and employees. William Costello is a financial architect with Mass Mutual. He understands that many put off the next step for emotional reasons.

Bruce and Diana
It's not the recipe, it's the cook. Lessons and thoughts on leadership in this weekly segment. Today, deception. Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o. How you deceive yourself and others in your professional and personal life. If money were no object, are you doing what you truly love? To thine own self be true.

01/18 : 01/18/13 - The CEO Hour


Craig Flynn/CEO, QV Systems
QV stands for quickening visualization, the visual-based product development process or Oobeya from Toyota. CEO Craig Flynn says the process dramatically shortens development and meeting times. (Check out the website to understand the Oobeya post-it note concept.) Who does what by when...the question asked at the end of every meeting. See how it works for you.

On Christmas Eve outside Rochester NY, a man gunned down four members of the West Webster Volunteer Fire Department. Two died. Two others were seriously injured. The community and entire country have helped raise money for the families of the victims. Tommy Doehler has started an online fund drive. Go to this facebook page if you would like to donate

01/11 : 01/11/13 - The CEO Hour


Nely Galan/Entrepreneur, TV Producer, Inspirational Speaker
As the first Latina to achieve the presidency of a television network, Nely Galan is the former leader of the Telemundo Television Network. Galan produced the FOX show, The Swan and was a contestant on the NBC show, Celebrity Apprentice. This first generation immigrant from Cuba, Galan is the founder of The Adelante Movement which is a grassroots movement that unites and empowers Latinas socially, economically and politically in the U.S. Galan shares with Bruce and Diana how more companies should include and market to Latinas, a trillion dollar market.

Diana and Bruce
Do you have a dream? Dreams created the Civil Rights Movement, the moon landing. Bruce says our country needs more dreams and shares his with listeners.

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