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Marc Cohen has spent 30 years entertaining and informing Southern Californians about Technology, developing one of the most respected and listened to technology show in the country. Marsha Collier is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. She also gives workshops and has embraced social media. Learn all about her at, Computer and Technology Radio is Your Confusion Solution on the Internet for all things related to your computer and the fast changing technology would we live in today.


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Computer and Technology Radio

Host: Marc and Marsha



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12/22/12 - Computer and Technology Radio

3:00PM - 4:00PM


  1. GUEST: Michael Manna, host of T4 (wrestling fans may know as Stevie Richards) joins us to talk about Tech Gifts under $100

  2. Keeping Your Mobile Devices Secure, Tech Products That Were Discontinued in 2012

  3. More Products That Vanished from the scene in 2012, translation of Gangnam Style. On YouTube: "NASA Johnson Style" video parody

  4. Buy of the week, More Tech Winners & Losers of 2012, insight into NASA's  'Mohawk Guy' from the Mars mission, Instagram's ups and downs