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The Dr Laura Ciel Show is a global talk show with the intent to inspire people who find themselves in a place of frustration, sadness, despair, grief, anger, crisis or chaos to Create the Life they want to Live. Through your questions, information and guest interviews listeners will be inspired to drop their excuses and start living the life they want right now whether it is in the areas of Personal Achievement, Relationships, Career+Money and/or Health+Body. More info at , on FaceBook at and on Twitter at


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Dr Laura Ciel, founder of 1One World Leadership, is a change agent for anyone or any business desiring to change the status quo or who is experiencing a change in their lives. Licensed as a psychologist and accredited as a coach, her unique talent lies in her ability to help people confront the old patterns keeping them stuck in unproductive, unfulfilling lives and learn strategies to create the exceptional lives they really want to be living. Through interviewing guests, providing specific advice and/or answering listeners questions live the show will inform and inspire all of us to live full out.

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The Dr. Laura Ciel Show

Host: Dr. Laura Ciel



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11/14/12 - Following Our Deep Desires

3:00PM - 4:00PM


Our desires can be the main driving force for helping us get what we want, but often we can get attached to the way that it “should be”. If we give up listening to what we really are driven to be, we lose all control of creating our lives the way we want them. In today’s interview with Jeff Arch, author of "Sleepless in Seattle", we explore this idea of being clear with ourselves and how listening to our true desires can guide us down the road that we deeply yearn for.