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Progressive Medical Hour of Power is here to help start your wellness Revolution. On the Progressive Medical Hour of Power we cover traditional and natural health concepts to help you pursue a healthy lifestyle. This is Your Life, Live it Well!


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"Dr. Agolli has a tremendous educational background in non-invasive care. He attained a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree (NMD) from the United States School of Naturopathy and Allied Sciences in addition to receiving a Healthcare Management Certification from the University of Miami, a Masters degree in Herbology and a Bachelors degree in Healthcare administration. Dr. Agolli is also a Board Certified Naturopath by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board Inc. He personally opened the Progressive Medical Centers in Atlanta and will work with you in order to build a treatment plan that is suited to your specific needs. Specialties.

Dr. Gez Agolli has expertise in many areas including the following:

Digestive Disorders

Natural Hormone Replacement

Naturopathic Detoxification

Herbal Therapies

Tissue Mineral Analysis

Functional Medicine


Sports Nutrition

Metabolic Medicine

Physical Fitness


Electro Medical Technology



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Progressive Medical Hour of Power

Host: Dr. Gez Agolli



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Detoxify Your Body

6:00PM - 7:00PM


Now is the time to undo that holiday damage and get your system back in full swing. If you are like many Americans you can overdo it during the holidays. The excesses of life can put strain not only on your waist line but also affect us all the way down to a cellular level. Detoxification of the system is something that everyone should consider doing at least once a year if not more. A detox lowers total body burden of toxins or stressors to our system that speed the aging process. A good detox program will increase metabolism and enhance weight loss. By cleaning up the body, you can jump start health and well-being. A detox can be used to increase energy, decrease inflammation, and increase performance of your entire system. Listen to tonight’s show to find out more about how to detox.