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The Robin Shea Show on Southern Fried Fitness Radio is all about falling in love with The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle- that is, living Clean and Healthy 80% of the time but always saving 20% for a guilt free Southern Indulgence. If you are looking for common sense, down-to-earth advice about changing your lifestyle, then this show is for you.


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"Robin Shea has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with her passion and zest for life for the past seven years through her television programs, speaking engagements, magazine articles and lifestyle classes. She brings creative solutions to a variety of life’s challenges such as raising positive children, creating a personal vision, the importance of the family dinner hour, the 80/20 Lifestyle solution to weight management, conquering your fears, and much more. Through her creative vision and dedication to helping individuals find their personal purpose in life, Robin empowers her audience with the courage to not only face… but embrace, the unknown.
Born in Merryville, Louisiana, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Robin Shea is a fourth generation culinary entrepreneur, inheriting her love of food and entertaining from the masters she grew up admiring. Both her Grandmother and Great Grandmother were restaurateurs sharing a feisty CAN DO attitude that made life an abundant bowl of opportunity; Robin's love for culinary creativity was also heavily influenced by her Mother, Doris, whose gourmet panache never went unnoticed by an aspiring young Robin.
Robin has been married to Greg Shea for 23 years; they have four sons and live in Bowling Green Kentucky."


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The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle presents The Robin Shea Show

Host: Robin Shea



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12/11/12 -The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle presents The Robin Shea Show

11:00AM - 12:00PM