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Featuring the very popular broadcast wine & food journalist Lynn Krielow Chamberlain along with wine & food affionado Rob Barnett, doing exclusive interviews of the “who’s-who” in wine and food. Tune-in daily at:, or at the highly followed audio-blog of the show, “Vin-de-Cru” on

On May 4, 2011, VinVillageRadio proudly celebrated its "Three-Year Anniversary" on wsRadio. During the past 3 years, VinVillageRadio has produced and broadcast 156 consecutive shows consisting of 616 exclusive interviews with the "who's who" in Wine & Food. And, over that span of time, wsRadio, the world-wide leader in internet talk-radio, has grown from 2-million to over 4-million listeners each month!"


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Lynn Krielow Chamberlain, aka "WineFairy", is the weekly host of “Wine & Dine on VinVillageRadio”. As a wine professional for 32-years with a Masters in Oenology and a Certified Wine Educator from the Society of Wine Educators, Lynn sat through the International Master of Wine exam twice, with dissertation pass in 1995. With vast experience in wine on-premise, off-premise, wholesale, wine production, wine travel, wine journalism, wine radio, wine television, wine public relations, wine judging and wine academia, she is a highly regarded broadcast wine journalist that pioneered the first ever internet radio broadcast devoted to wine and food, "Wine and Dine Radio." Applying her formal education, broad industry knowledge and her radio expertise, Lynn is known as a "Pro’s-Pro" who has broadcast globally to wine and culinary enthusiasts since 1999. Lynn also continues to write about wine for several smaller publications and maintains a license as a wine merchant in the state of NC, where she and her family resides.

Rob Barnett, is CEO & Founder of VinVillage & VinVillageRadio. After more than 20 years as a technology entrepreneur and avid wine hobbyist and wine collector, Rob has turned wine entrepreneur. A San Diego resident since 1987, Rob has been chasing his love of wine since back in college during his short-lived jug wines phase. After many years of self-study, along with the knowledge he gained through a multitude of wine-pairings, tastings, classes and wine groups, along with experiencing the many different wine varietals and styles, Rob developed a strong passion for wine and the wine-lifestyle. And now, as Founder and CEO of, an organization for wine & food enthusiasts, and VinVillageRadio, a very popular talk-radio show focusing on all things about wine and food; and also as the CEO of the Specialty Fine Wine Association, an organization that helps promote boutique, artisan wineries, Rob has leveraged his indepth technology background and his passion for wine to make it his profession.

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Wine and Dine on VinVillageRadio

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12/26/12 - Wine and Dine on VinVillageRadio

7:00PM - 8:00PM


The Thibaut-Janisson Winery is a joint venture between internationally acclaimed Winemaker, Claude Thibaut and Champagne producer, Manuel Janisson, owner of Champagne Janisson & Fils. The goal is to produce a world class sparkling wine from the Monticello Appellation in Virginia. Claude Thibaut moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2003, with the first vintage released in November 2007 under the brand: Thibaut-Janisson “Blanc de Chardonnay”. Since he graduated over two decades ago from the University of Reims in the heart of France’s Champagne region, Thibaut has demonstrated superlative ability in the production of premium sparkling winemaking in regions outside of France. Thibaut encourages that sparkling wines should be enjoyed as a highly versatile wine that pairs well with an assortment of foods and can stand on its own as a daily pleasure and petite indulgence.

Joe Freeman has been Winemaker at River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, Green Valley, in the Russian River Valley since 1997. Vineyard sourcing defines the three unique series that include Sonoma County Vineyards, Reserve Vineyards, and Family Vineyards. The main focus in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but today we talk about the newly fermented and very limited 2012 Nouveau Rosé of Pinot Noir Russian River Valley; the Russian River Valley Brut Sparkling Wine; the unique varietal bottling 2011 Hopkins Vineyard Pinot Meunier; and the 2011 Boschetti Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel from the Russian River Valley. Pricing is incredibly reasonable!

In 2011, Champagne shipped 323 million bottles worldwide, with more than 19.3 million bottles shipped to the United States, an increase of 14.4% from 2010, making the United States Champagne’s largest export market outside of Europe. “I love Champagne. It is such a special wine to me, and there’s really nothing else like in the world,” said Nannette Eaton, creator of the Wine Harlots blog. “Even the everyday becomes extraordinary when you pour a flute of Champagne. Champagne makes everything sparkle.”

Laurie Schuler-Flynn and Amy DelBondio share an admiration for the age-old craft of producing olive oil and a passion for the art of food. The unique rocky soil and ideal microclimate in the rolling hills of California’sYolo County gives Hillstone Olive Oil its unique character. Each fall, the olives are hand-harvested in one day and pressed into oil using an Italian–made press. Only small closely monitored lots are produced to maximize quality and flavor. Hillstone Olive Oil has a distinctive, pungent flavor with hints of apple, artichoke, and pepper. Drizzle it on salads, pasta, or roasted potatoes. Dip a crust of rustic artisan bread into Hillstone Olive Oil... a small company in the tradition of small family farms.