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Featuring the very popular broadcast wine & food journalist Lynn Krielow Chamberlain along with wine & food affionado Rob Barnett, doing exclusive interviews of the “who’s-who” in wine and food. Tune-in daily at:, or at the highly followed audio-blog of the show, “Vin-de-Cru” on

On May 4, 2011, VinVillageRadio proudly celebrated its "Three-Year Anniversary" on wsRadio. During the past 3 years, VinVillageRadio has produced and broadcast 156 consecutive shows consisting of 616 exclusive interviews with the "who's who" in Wine & Food. And, over that span of time, wsRadio, the world-wide leader in internet talk-radio, has grown from 2-million to over 4-million listeners each month!"


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Lynn Krielow Chamberlain, aka "WineFairy", is the weekly host of “Wine & Dine on VinVillageRadio”. As a wine professional for 32-years with a Masters in Oenology and a Certified Wine Educator from the Society of Wine Educators, Lynn sat through the International Master of Wine exam twice, with dissertation pass in 1995. With vast experience in wine on-premise, off-premise, wholesale, wine production, wine travel, wine journalism, wine radio, wine television, wine public relations, wine judging and wine academia, she is a highly regarded broadcast wine journalist that pioneered the first ever internet radio broadcast devoted to wine and food, "Wine and Dine Radio." Applying her formal education, broad industry knowledge and her radio expertise, Lynn is known as a "Pro’s-Pro" who has broadcast globally to wine and culinary enthusiasts since 1999. Lynn also continues to write about wine for several smaller publications and maintains a license as a wine merchant in the state of NC, where she and her family resides.

Rob Barnett, is CEO & Founder of VinVillage & VinVillageRadio. After more than 20 years as a technology entrepreneur and avid wine hobbyist and wine collector, Rob has turned wine entrepreneur. A San Diego resident since 1987, Rob has been chasing his love of wine since back in college during his short-lived jug wines phase. After many years of self-study, along with the knowledge he gained through a multitude of wine-pairings, tastings, classes and wine groups, along with experiencing the many different wine varietals and styles, Rob developed a strong passion for wine and the wine-lifestyle. And now, as Founder and CEO of, an organization for wine & food enthusiasts, and VinVillageRadio, a very popular talk-radio show focusing on all things about wine and food; and also as the CEO of the Specialty Fine Wine Association, an organization that helps promote boutique, artisan wineries, Rob has leveraged his indepth technology background and his passion for wine to make it his profession.

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Wine and Dine on VinVillageRadio

Host: Lynn Krielow Chamberlain & Rob



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12/12/12 - Wine and Dine on VinVillageRadio

7:00PM - 8:00PM


01 Oregon's Other Pinot... From Christopher Bridge Wines Founder - Christopher Carlberg

Christopher Carlberg is second generation owner and operator of Christopher Bridge Wines and Satori Springs Estate Vineyard in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. He is a founding member of the Oregon Pinot Gris group that advocates for and educates about Oregon's first white grape and other Pinot cultivar... Pinot Gris. He compares Oregon Pinot Gris to an Alsatian Pinot Gris and Italian Pinot Grigio and talks about the history and significance of the grape in the state.

02 Alice Feiring Presents The Feiring Line (the natural wine newsletter)... The Real Wine Newsletter - Alice Feiring

"Alice Feiring has given herself a new job. After twenty years researching and writing about authentic and natural wines, and penning influential books such as
The Battle for Wine and Love (or how she saved the world from Parkerization) and Naked Wine. October 30th she debuted something entirely different for wine lovers... The Feiring Line Newsletter: The Real Wine Newsletter. The newsletter will be much more specific and will showcase a handful of articles, food and wine finds, and vineyard visits. Its beating heart, however, is the purely subjective 20-25 wine recommendations in each issue. The wines will be from at least sustainable agriculture and made with a natural philosophy."

03 St. Helena's Bryan Del Bondio, President, Markham Vineyards: One of Napa Valley's First Wineries - Bryan Del Bondio

Winemaking is a Del Bondio family tradition. Bryan's grandparents settled in the Napa Valley over 100 years ago. His father, Al, worked at Inglenook for 45 years and taught his son about the unique and challenging art and science of winemaking. His mother, Marie, also spent 40 years at Inglenook. With 350 acres of vineyards strategically located in several of Napa Valley's best growing regions, stretching from Calistoga in the North to Oak Knoll in the South, Markham hand-selects grapes from diverse microclimates to achieve balanced and rich wines. The Markham Mark of Distinction program is designed to cultivate positive change by awarding funds to help spearhead or continue community efforts. The public votes to determine two grant recipients, who will each be awarded $25,000 to make a lasting change – a “Mark of Distinction” – in their communities. Bryan Del Bondio is President of Markham Vineyards.

04 The American Lighthouse Cookbook Celebrates The Recipes, History, Customs of America’s Shorelines - Becky Sue Epstein

Lighthouse keepers were the ultimate locavores or “local eaters.” Keepers and their families dined on foods that were in season and found at their doorstep—from the sea, from their gardens, and from nearby farms and forests.
The American Lighthouse Cookbook: The Best Recipes and Stories from America’s Shorelines by food writer Becky Sue Epstein and chef Ed Jackson celebrates the dishes, history, and lore of selected lighthouses across the country. The American Lighthouse Cookbook is arranged by eight geographical regions and features 47 lighthouses chosen for their interesting backgrounds and stories. Following the story of each lighthouse is a menu for a modern-day lighthouse meal. Each of the approximately300 recipes captures the essence of the local foods available to lighthouse keepers from the 1700s through today. Some of the recipes have been contributed by lighthouse societies, inns, and individuals.