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On  the Show:  Host "Radio Jack" Warren 

Real Estate Expert Bill Luther

Tax Expert Brian Livesay

Car Guy Doug Bishop


Executive Producer: Doris Rivas-Brekke 

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Ryan Terry
Jeremy Dehavilland

We profile and interview the "Finest" Business and Individuals, Locations and Events in San Diego. From our gorgeous inland valley's to our beautiful coastal region, San Diego has it ALL and we bring it to you!
Tune in to hear what's new and cutting edge locally. Learn of traditional favorites and hidden, secret getaways and eateries. Find some gems with "Superior Quality, Skills, Service, or Appearance", right here on "San Diego's Finest Business Radio Show".


About The Host:

Jack is former small business owner in the photo industry.
A pioneer of the internet he launched one of the first photography websites in 1993 and incorporated it into an award winning
Internet Radio show sponsored by
Shutterbug Magazine in 2001. A Talkers Magazine
Frontier Fifty Award winner in 2009. One of the first in Internet Radio to do so.
He has worked with and developed many other radio shows, including:
Shutterbug Magazine Radio
Entrepreneur Magazine Radio
EBay Radio
The Franchise Radio show
Biz Op Radio
Family Wealth Radio
San Diego's Finest Business Radio and too many business shows to count.

Associate Producers of San Diego's Finest:

Ryan Terry

Jeremy Dehaviland


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San Diego's Finest

Host: Jack Warren



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12/07/12 - San Diego's Finest

3:00PM - 4:00PM


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