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The CEO Hour is a revolutionary radio show designed by and for the Upstate New York business community. It is quickly gaining a national audience for CEO's from Fortune 500 companies to start ups.


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Before founding CABHQ, Bruce Peters enjoyed a 30-year diverse career as a lawyer, executive, entrepreneur and educator. Journalist Diana Palotas enjoyed a long career as a tv news anchor and reporter. Now a radio personality, she is also the community relations coordinator at the district attorney's office.


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The CEO Hour

Host: Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas



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11/16/12 - The CEO Hour

12:00PM - 1:00PM



Justin is the best-selling author of The Power of Persistence, and best-selling author of Your Mailbox Is Full. That was written while he was just a teenager. Pulled by his mother at age 15 to see motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Justin got the message to thrive. He created his own not for profit shortly after and has now spoken around the world to business leaders, youth educators, and adults on the topics of business development, leadership, living the life of your dreams, and creating success. He recently founded Motivational Press, Inc. a publishing company of personal and business development titles in which he aligns with the greatest and most distinguished experts in the world to transform the lives of millions. As one of the top leadership and motivational speakers in the world, Justin's authentic, powerful and inspirational presentations have become legendary.

We discuss the issues of the week knowing that it's the leader, not the formula, that brings energy and fulfillment of the project.