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The CEO Hour is a revolutionary radio show designed by and for the Upstate New York business community. It is quickly gaining a national audience for CEO's from Fortune 500 companies to start ups.


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Before founding CABHQ, Bruce Peters enjoyed a 30-year diverse career as a lawyer, executive, entrepreneur and educator. Journalist Diana Palotas enjoyed a long career as a tv news anchor and reporter. Now a radio personality, she is also the community relations coordinator at the district attorney's office.


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The CEO Hour

Host: Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas



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11/09/12 - Melissa Mahler and Takes You Behind the Scenes of the NFL

12:00PM - 1:00PM


Are you an NFL fan?  A real fan? Check out  The website's creator Melissa Mahler is our guest and explains how this behind the scenes look at the players, their wives, families and lives came to be.  A former radio newscaster and attorney, Mahler brought the players and their families onboard as "insiders" who write about what these guys do when they are not on the field, or their careers are over.  Mahler is working on a TV show based on the players and how they contribute to society when not playing ball. As part of our Giving Back series, is featuring the work of the International Medical Corps and with our partner OSPNFL, selling wristbands featuring many of the country's favorite NFL players such as Tom Brady, Eli and Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and others. 30% of each band sold will benefit International Medical Corps’ emergency response and development programs worldwide.

Each week at this time, a look at how it's not the recipe, but the cook.  The chef or leader, decides how the meal or company or project, will turn out.  From the discussion with our first guest Dr. Ellen Weber and brain studies and success, Bruce brought up Parker Palmer, educator and author.  His philosophy from the Quaker Wisdom Circle is that each of us has to find our own answer to life's questions.  

Parker J. Palmer - Spirituality & Practice