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The CEO Hour is a revolutionary radio show designed by and for the Upstate New York business community. It is quickly gaining a national audience for CEO's from Fortune 500 companies to start ups.


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Before founding CABHQ, Bruce Peters enjoyed a 30-year diverse career as a lawyer, executive, entrepreneur and educator. Journalist Diana Palotas enjoyed a long career as a tv news anchor and reporter. Now a radio personality, she is also the community relations coordinator at the district attorney's office.


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The CEO Hour

Host: Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas



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11/09/12 - Changing the Way We Learn in the Classroom and the Boardroom

11:00AM - 12:00PM


A good leader lets people speak and be heard. Dr. Ellen Weber of the MITA International Brain Center says all learning is about leading. She is working to change the way we learn in the classroom and the boardroom.  Did you know you can train your brain to be street smarter?  Common sense, since it connects to IQ, can be taught, mimicked, tracked and grown. Not fixed, intuitive intelligence grows with use. Dr. Weber also teaches mutual mentoring, called Mindguiding.  The veterans share their experience with the newby who then shares new technologies and practices with the veteran.  It's a give and take that keeps on benefitting both sides.

The November not-for-profit on The CEO Hour is Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion outside Rochester NY.  This Victorian mansion and the nine international gardens on the acres of land in the Finger Lakes of Canandaigua is a rare living museum of life in the late 18th century, the home of Frederick and Mary Clark Thompson. These philanthropists became huge contributors to the local community and the local hospital is still named for them this day.   While it is a state park, Sonnenberg receives no state monies and relies on the physical and monetary support of hundreds of volunteers.  Come visit this beautiful respite at